Sheograth and the Breton-Part eight

A twisted tale of alternate realities

Black Marsh: Rootfalls

We are a province of swamps, rivers, lakes and beautiful waterfalls. You need to buy a Dowsers charm for 5 gold if you intend to enjoy the water. Cursed ponds and waterborne illnesses are a bit of a bother. The charm lights up tainted waters the same way a detect life spell reveals creatures. There … Continue reading Black Marsh: Rootfalls

Black Marsh Dangers

The dangers of Blackmarsh told by Glen-Puncher-of-Mudcrabs

Meet Glen:

Skyrim's boldest adventurers tell their tales to save a sick kahjiit cub

I have a blog

  ☕Coffeebeanjen☕ I have always wanted a blog. I never wrote one because I felt like my voice would be drown out among all the misinformation, ranting and crusading.  I wasn't bothered by the trolls. There have always been trolls. I decided that serious journalism was a lost cause in a sea of fake news. My … Continue reading I have a blog