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Trigger warning this could be offense
I will offend and traumatize everyone. Be patient I will get to you eventually.

This site was built for my own sanity and to help my niece; Not for your comfort ninny boo boo. I have kept everything rather tame because my niece was only 12. She has gone to be with the Ancestors. Put on your big girl panties because I will probably RAGE.

I am the mutant off spring of Oscar the grouch and George Carlin. You’ve been warned.

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Don’t forget to like us on Facebook
Long winded blog about aging VS technology
Aging versus technology

🦀Mudcrabs are real🦀


Leaf stitch dishcloth
That’s something I can use!

Kitties 🐈

What’s was in my Easter basket

Learning curve blog
Uphill climb for someone already over it

Gaming Granny

Wow that’s neat 2!

Wow that’s neat 3!

Wow that’s neat 4!

Bullion stitch

Jeff Allen-funny

Show us your kitties!

Wow that’s neat 5!

Wow that’s neat 6!