🤒Save My Niece!

Don’t be a milk-drinker. Please donate to save my niece. If you don’t at least say a prayer,or cast a healing spell or whatever I will send the theives guild to steal all your sweet rolls! Don’t make me call the Dark brotherhood.

I’m serious, I’ll open a portal to Oblivion and boot you crusty butt right in there.

Don't forget to visit us on Facebook
Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook


Is my sister’s Etsy shop.

Now are you going to buy something or just stand there all day?

Antique and unique jewelry
You Don’t need Clavicus Viles mask or an amulet of Zenithar to shop here!
TrueDuckEmporium Mercari store
TrueDuckEmporium Mercari store
TrueDuckEmporium eBay store
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