🕯️Honor A Brave Kahjiit Cub🕯️

You all were Milk-drinkers. Not one of you sorry ass-warts donated to Maggie’s cause. No one posted a comment or meme of their character Punching a Mudcrab to lift her spirits. Karma will come down on you like a battle axe, I assure you. When it does, remember two minutes of kindness could have spared you from karma’s wrath. A foundation will be formed in her name. I will post links when that happens. Karma will do what it will. On your own heads be it you sorry shit-lickers.

Thank you to all those kind adventurers who took the time to say a prayer,cast a spell,or send good vibes. May the blessings of Mara be upon you.

Maggie informed me, in her next life she wanted to come back as a Werewolf

All you Assholes who didn’t do the right thing by her; You know who you are.🖕 You better stay out of the woods, avoid leaving the house on full moons, And Run if you hear howling in the distance. The whole lot of you are well and truly Fucked.

Have A Nice Day 😊🤬😊

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