Why Punching Mudcrabs?🦀

It is a Skyrim thing

Fuck Cancer!


Other Reasons

Jennifer Mead-Moon my Nord Persona
Jennifer Mead-Moon my Nord Persona(What I think I used to look like before I got old)

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Life doesn’t always go as planned.Whether it be in game, or in what dumb,boring people claim is “reality”.
You know, that arse sucking place where we have to do all the “Adulting”. No one likes it,no one wants to be there.
I’m pretty sure it’s a plane of oblivion the Bethesda game developers made,forgot about and left running in a sandbox we fall into now and again. Either that or one of the nine hells. Damn you, wizards of the coast!

Mudcrabs are not much of a threat unless they show up in numbers,or sneak up on you when your attention is elsewhere.

Level one players kill them to gain experience. You end up with mudcrab chitin,crab meat and experience,so it is not an entirely wasted day.Mostly,they’re a pain in the rump.

There are days that feel like all you do is punch mudcrabs.The frustration of feeling like you have made no meaningful progress towards your goals for the day is often my default setting.

A gamer uses their personal power,inner strength,a connection to the divine,(no bullshit rants about whether God/Gods are real.This is not the place for it. You nitpicky,oversensitive,whiner,buttnuggets inventing stuff to be offended about.) and the help of companions to remove the mudcrabs from their path. You punch them one at a time, and.
Here’s to punching all the mudcrabs in your life great and small. Here’s to banding together to kill huge ones. Slay mudcrabs,Slay giants,Slay dragons. Did I forget to
Fuck Cancer!
Maggie was not a 🍼milk-drinker🍼

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