Show us your Kitties!

Don't forget to like us on Facebook I know I'm a day late on this one. Yesterday was international cat day We all know how much the internet loves cats. Show us your kitties!Don't be shy I'll go first. TrueDuckEmporium antique and Unique jewelry TrueDuckEmporium antique and Unique jewelry Check out the other auctions too.

Jeff Allen-funny I've renovated the blog to reflect recent events. The blog will be growing and changing beyond the original purpose, hopefully in keeping with the spirit in which it was intended. Maggie was not a 🍼 milk-drinker 🍼 Don't forget to like us on Facebook TrueDuckEmporium Antique and Unique jewelry TrueDuckEmporium Mercari store. Check out … Continue reading Jeff Allen-funny

Sheograth and the Breton-Part eight

A twisted tale of alternate realities

Walking sticks &Whistles

I have spoken about the importance of a walking stick while traveling in Black Marsh.Why is this walking stick so crucial?You will be tromping around in a big mucky swamp,you nitwit! One never knows if the ground beneath your feet is solid. The terrain changes with the weather, the seasons and new construction. A life … Continue reading Walking sticks &Whistles

Black Marsh Dangers

The dangers of Blackmarsh told by Glen-Puncher-of-Mudcrabs

Meet Glen:

Skyrim's boldest adventurers tell their tales to save a sick kahjiit cub

I have a blog

  ☕Coffeebeanjen☕ I have always wanted a blog. I never wrote one because I felt like my voice would be drown out among all the misinformation, ranting and crusading.  I wasn't bothered by the trolls. There have always been trolls. I decided that serious journalism was a lost cause in a sea of fake news. My … Continue reading I have a blog