Coffeebean Jen’s short play list

I have a song stuck in my head

Wow that’s neat 3

fast, easy, fun

Sheograth and the Breton- Part two

A twisted tale of alternate realities.

Wow that’s neat 2!

wow that's neat!

Sheograth and the Breton- Part one

A twisted tale of alternate realities

Watch “Shirley Curry: The Gaming Grandma Documentary | Gameumentary” on YouTube

This is one of my favorite video series to watch on YouTube. Maggie was not a 🍼 milk-drinker 🍼 Don't forget to like us on Facebook TrueDuckEmporium Antique and Unique jewelry TrueDuckEmporium Mercari store. Check out the other auctions too.

Argonian Cooking-part 1

Just like mother used to make

Walking sticks &Whistles

I have spoken about the importance of a walking stick while traveling in Black Marsh.Why is this walking stick so crucial?You will be tromping around in a big mucky swamp,you nitwit! One never knows if the ground beneath your feet is solid. The terrain changes with the weather, the seasons and new construction. A life … Continue reading Walking sticks &Whistles

Learning Curve 2

Uphill climb for someone already over it

What was in my Easter Basket

💰 Look what I found on Wish for a great price! The Easter Bunny got me this tablet at . I'm thrilled to have a screen I can see to work on punchingmudcrabs.Com TrueDuckEmporium Antique and Unique jewelry The Easter Bunny told me to give those mudcrabs hell for Maggie,and to remember Jesus … Continue reading What was in my Easter Basket