About Maggie

Thank you for your help brave adventurer ❤️
Maggie was not a🍼 milk-drinker 🍼

Maggie was 12 years old. She lost her battle with Childhood Leukemia on July 24th, 2020. She loved Skyrim, Minecraft, frogs, fishing, swimming and playing outside. She was interested in all things nature. She never got her wish from make a wish, because she was content. She wanted nothing. She was happy to be who she was,where she was and with those she loved. To be herself and enjoy nature with her animals, tending to her little garden was her joy. She will be missed by all. A foundation will be started in her name. May she live on forever in Sovngarde. Hircine bless this little huntress and Kynareth guide this care taker of wild things. She with the Ancestors.

Maggie’s Frog’s and toads

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Don’t forget to like us on Facebook

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