Legend of the Phoenix

Legend of the Phoenix is not the type of game I would normally be attractive to me

I prefer to solve my disputes with a Battle axe and call it a day. I decided to try something new and was pleasantly surprised by how much fun I’m having.

I am a big fan of K-drama. I was shocked when I was instantly hooked on that as well.

The coffee prince was my first one.

The elaborate costuming and detail in the historical dramas blew me away.

Legend of the Phoenix is modeled after a show of the same name.

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My tablet doesn’t support the Viki app I enjoyed or any other. I would love to see this show,it is just the kind of thing I would pick. I was sad when DramaFever closed down. I enjoy K-drama enough to buy a subscription,so they are missing out on a decent chunk of my entertainment budget. So until I get a Roku I’m starved for my K-drama fix. I would watch on my phone,but I’m too blind to see the subtitles on a small screen.

Legend of the Phoenix is a strategy RPG and a Dress up game. The story is full of intrigue and political maneuvering. You also collect boyfriends. There used to be a slumber party game called dream date way back in the stone age. There are many facets to this game that I have found very engaging. I don’t want to ruin the surprise by saying too much.

This game could become a huge money suck if you let it. I haven’t bought anything yet. A lifetime pass is more expensive than other titles I’ve been interested in. I’m not sure $27.99 is coin I want to drop for something I may get frustrated or bored with in a week. If I am still hooked in a month I might buy.

I haven’t encountered any issues with glitches so far other than I can’t bind my account.

If you are looking for something different check it out.

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