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I have been working hard to learn how to use social media more effectively. I have had my nose to the grindstone taking refresher courses to shore up old skills, and learn new ones.
My proficiency with social media has not improved much. My opinion of social media has not improved,if anything it has been lowered.

I have found a new reason to steer clear of social media


I have created accounts for several social sites to promote the blog,and to consider some future projects.

I no more than activated my accounts, and several men pretending to be doctor’s serving in the military stationed abroad messaged me to declare their undying love. They said my profile was compelling. I hadn’t had the apps more than two minutes and had no profile yet.

I looked for info on these scams and this is what I found:
Breakdown :
Facebook Instagramtumblr
I opened up privacy options a little bit to be more visible and the flood gates opened for con artist. Facebook self tries to con me into paying to boost a post for Glen-Puncer-of-Mudcrabs page. Filtered content and ad choices are pushed harder,rather than,good content.crawling with creepers,scammers and men who refuse to accept I am single by choice. Big thumbs up for content filtering options for the user.Not too bad. One attempt to get me on a webcam site.Also choice to filter.
More scam videos and scam commercials than I’ve seen in years.Not allowed to speak your mind too
much,but scumbags are allowed to appear as legitimate advertisers.
twitter is the worst. Persistent and aggressive scumbags bordering on real threats to get me to do what they problem other than fake links to scam content.

I have been approached by more scum bags and scammers in the past year, than in all my years on IRC. I’m sure all you old schoolers like me remember what a fun wild west show that was way back when. I’m sure you also remember we had control of our own channels and were responsible for enforcing rules. We also had the right to set our own rules as strict or loose as we saw fit. The only rules the servers had were about hardcore illegal activity that could be proven in a court of law. They didn’t care about chastizing people for legally protected free speech no matter how repugnant, or coding experiments gone sideways. People were expected to police their own communities and they did. Parents were expected to keep their kids out of places they weren’t supposed to be. Parenting was a parents job,not a corporation’s responsibility. It was also not the governments responsibility and shouldn’t be.

We used to be able to just K-line the losers and be done with it. We have no such recourse with social media sites. The user has no protection,and no control beyond blocking a jerk and filing a report that will be ignored. If you will be allowed to hit the submit button to file that report. Most of the times I have tried to file a report the option to submit has been greyed out. I prefer the days of IRC when you could ban an entire ISP,or an entire damn country if you had a persistent trouble maker.

The scammer or pervert on social media just makes a new account and comes back to try a new strategy. They seem to work together in teams. They assume that every middle aged woman using the internet is weak,stupid and starved for attention. I have no clue why they keep trying to get me to install apps I don’t want, Whatsapp and Google hangouts seem to be the ones they try and force.

None of the harassment I have experienced since I have tried to be more social has raised my opinion of social media. I am more likely to delete the apps and close my accounts. I could sit around and block idiots and file reports all day and nothing would be done.

We have gotten so hung up on regulating speech we might find offensive,the con artist and identity theives have been given the run of the house. Social media sites have a big job distinguishing loud mouthed A-holes from actual criminals.

My main concern is this problem puts off content creators. It keeps small business owners from diving into online sales. I have spoken with lots of folks over the years who would like to have an online store or blog,but are not internet savvy. They don’t have to time learn either. They need a simple solution that works. They have tried a few,and the predators and trolls showed up. They decided to shut down due to lack of options when it comes to protecting themselves. They feel their time and money was wasted and they aren’t likely to give it another chance.

This problem kills business and keeps a lot of great content from being presented. People have just come to accept it. This nonsense also kills the fun for everybody, especially if your looking to try something new.

What can be done to solve this problem, without restricting freedom of speech?

The social media sites claim that they are safer than communication methods we used to have. I call bullshit. My blog isn’t even popular and I have been fending off weirdos rather than creating the content I want to make.

I have to ask is social media worth the hassle?

Not all of us are looking to become the next big influencer or trying to build the next Amazon. People like me will only promote products and services they actually like. All I have read about blogging or building a responsive website has been about pie in the sky promises about how to make money or build a brand.

Some of us just want to write stupid, juvenile,silly stories to blow off steam and empty our heads. We want to make graphics and code because it’s fun. If people enjoy our work they can donate to keep site running.

Some people just want to discuss a topic, debate an issue,or make small talk with someone who has a common interest.

I have rambled on long enough let’s wrap this up with some links about online safety.

Author: coffeebeanjen

Gamer who needs a creative outlet. I'm writing this blog to honor my niece. Who lost her battle with Childhood Leukemia July 24th 2020. We fight on, We spread laughter and reality checks in our wake. 🍼 Don't be a milk-drinker🍼 Support Cancer charities,small business, Artisans,Nature,Gaming communities, Creative writing and ME you MuthaF*!@$. I got a PayPal button with the package I bought. USE it!

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  1. Amen. I gave up on them completely. Between the scammers and the just plain loud-mouthed jerks it wasn’t worth the blood pressure.

    It’s frustrating too since Social Media is how everyone who isn’t a cubicle dweller is *supposed* to market their product or cause nowadays.


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