The Scourge of Stripey

This stripey little as$#@|£ followed me home.

The Stripey Asshole
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My aunt was house sitting for my sister for the weekend. I live down the block now. Stripey followed her to see where she was going.He is one of my sister’s cats. We were taking bets on which cat would figure out I lived down the road first.

The other night I went to pick up some things from my sister, and I Stayed for supper. I went outside and stripey was lounging in the middle of the road. There is very little traffic,it is a U shaped loop far from the main road. He rubbed all over my shoes and I patted him continuing down the road.

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He said to hell with that and came right after me. I told him he was a nice kitty and he should go home.They usually follow me a little way down the road and turn back.This little ass pain kept on coming meowing all the way.I figured he would come visit for a bit then take off like he did before.He came into the house and I gave him his thimbleful of milk. He wanted right back out the first night he came to check out where we were headed.

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This night he said “B!∆{Π, I know you got pepperoni in here.” . I thought he would hang out for a bit and go back out. I put him out and I took a phone call and he howled at the door “Khajiit is afraid of the dark!”. I ignored him for about an hour,he wasn’t going anywhere. I couldn’t take it anymore and let him back in and now he’s snoring loudly on the back of my comfy chair.

Stripey Asshole sawing logs

“Khajiit lives in your spare bedroom now.”. Maybe he will go home,I thought. I figured once I got settled a little better I might get a small aquarium, and get some black moors and calico fantails. Hermit crabs maybe,I always liked hermit crabs.It has been a very long time since I have been in a position to care for a pet. Especially a pet that raises as much hell as this little butt head.

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F*!( that! Khajiit knows you have Smith’s wieners. I saw them.” I thought it was just going to be me and Glen-Puncher-of-Mudcrabs. Glen lives in Skyrim,on this blog,and in my head. He doesn’t take up much room and he can feed himself. I named this kitty Stripey Asshole when he was a kitten. He was small enough to get under the cover on Maggie’s toad tank. I was always fishing him out of the toad tank and trying to catch the frightened toads who successfully made a break for freedom. My sister calls him little boy. He is smaller than the other males,but he is twice the A-hole. That must be my karma, only Assholes follow me home.

He made it quite clear he likes taking a running leap and sliding across my new laminate floors. He lives here now. I went and bought kitty stuff. It didn’t cost that much,but I had to go several places. The stores are really low on pet supplies right now.

A Brave Khajiit cub taken too soon
Maggie was not a 🍼milk-drinker🍼

Oreo,one of my sisters other cats came around and Stripey sat in the window taunting him.

Oreo is annoyed

Why so many cats?

People use the field across the road and surrounding area for a dumping ground for unwanted cats. That pisses me off. Fortunately there is plenty of woods,yard and country for them to bound as they please in good weather. The ones that people here don’t claim find a nice warm barn. Barn cats are always helpful in this area.What can we do but make sure they are fed, have some place safe to sleep, (there are coyotes about)and try to find homes for them. The local animal shelter charges outrageous fees to take them. The poor devils would probably wind up getting put down.

Gingy was dumped off last year in the dead of winter. She was found living under my mother’s deck, half starved and freezing. I’m told it took a bit to coax her out. She was obviously an indoor cat, and a one person cat.

Gingy hid for a long time. She wasn’t used to other cats and sharing wasn’t her thing. Getting her socialized was a challenge. She had been spayed, so why she was abandoned is a mystery. She was well cared for most of her life.

Oreo has gotten the idea that he wants to live here too. I keep sending him home. One kitty is enough. I never intended to have any pets. I’m allergic to everything, but the zyrtec seems to be doing it’s job. My sister said keep him too,they get along well. Two kitties are better than one right? Stripey putting whooping on Oreo when he came up on the porch tells another story. I’m going to have my hands full with this one. “Khajiit Stripey @$$h0£€ rules the roost here! Go find your own palace!Stinky peasant.”

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