Sheograth and the Breton-Part six

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A.S.S senior members Hjorg Wild-Stag, Kelta Rhon, Sherba Kernim,and my brother Vah-roe fought off the Gristleback

Kelta Rhon,an elderly Breton woman began pouring potions down our gullets and casting healing spells. My brother drew the Gristleback away with a Hagraven he reanimated. Hjorg let loose with every destruction spell he could muster and his battle axe sang as it sliced. Sherba took my followers to safety with an invisibility spell and ran back to join the Frey.

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“Are you going to lay there all day or get up and finish what you started?” My crazy Nord teacher shouted. I got up SLasH SlaSh Block the Gristlebacks stinking breath was in my face. My blade was deep in his guts. My brother struck from behind. I pulled my blade out. The Gristleback grabbed me Hjorg swung at it’s neck. The head came off partially but it was still alive. Sherba conjured another flame atronach. I escaped it’s grip. I sliced off an arm, it was still coming. Hjorg ripped off it’s head and it was still trying to bite at him. I cut off the other arm. How was this thing still moving? I went straight for the heart with all my strength. The Gristleback fell. The head Hjorg was holding disintegrated. “Aaargh, what a waste of a good troll skull.” My brother gave me the same look my father gives me when he doesn’t quite approve of something I’m doing, but knows that it’s no use trying to talk me out of doing it.

Sherba examined the beast remains closer “Look here Hjorg.” She had pulled a cracked stone out of it’s chest. The stone was very round,black dotted with red. “Shor’s Beard a heart stone.” The wizards poked around to see if they could figure out what the Oblivion the hagravens were up to. They came to the conclusion it was part necromancy and part mind control. All of it would have been bad news for Rootfalls.

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“It’s lucky we took a wrong turn while we were herb gathering. These hags were up to something Rootfalls didn’t need to be unleashed. You better let your student and his friends know they did a good job.” Sherba said looking at Hjorg before he admonished us for being there in the first place.

“Well done Glen. This couldn’t have been a easy fight for seasoned  veterans. You didn’t let your pride get in the way and you brought friends. That’s why your all still alive. I heard a young lass singing a rousing battle anthem or we wouldn’t have found you.” We gathered the spoils and buried the dead. My brother found some pretty imperial girls in a cage in a hidden antechamber. He was definitely getting laid.

We made our way back to camp. Hjorg and Sherba were helping the Breton walk. Hjorg asked her if she had been taught at the Bards college in Solitude. She was too disoriented to make any sense. “Superman lives at the fortress of solitude.” She started singing again. “Can you read my mind..” The wizards liked the singing but I was afraid it was going to attract unwelcome attention when we barely made it out of the last fight. The Redgaurd felt the same he gave her a bottle of Stros M’kai rum to quiet the singing.

All was well when we arrived. Dre’abba popped out of his hiding place “The pig is done! Dre’abba is glad he won’t have to eat it alone.” We tended to unearthing the pig. The Breton came to her senses after a nap. She pulled dishes, and red and white checked cloth out of her pack. The ladies draped it over a flat split log to make a table. They made a sweet and sour drink called lemonade and some side dishes to go with the pig. The backpack caught the wizards eyes and I’m sure they planned on asking plenty of questions before the night was done.

We were weary, bruised, and hungry. The last rays of sunlight danced on the ripples and foamy little falls of the brook. I will not soon forget the sight. I can still smell the honey bells on the the cool breeze rustling through the moss hanging from the trees. As the first stars awoke and the moons rose full and bright, We sat down to a well earned meal and good company.

I’m yawning as I scribble. Farkas is snoring loudly it’s echoing all the way through Jorrvaskr. I expect Aela to try and smother him with a pillow before morning.

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