Sheograth and the Breton-Part five

We found a small clear pool ringed by bleeding crown.

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We restored ourselves a bit before heading down the tunnel to the left. I suggested to my Breton follower that she may want to rummage around in her deadra touched backpack and find some light armor. I also mentioned she should pick a melee weapon she really felt she could use naturally. She obviously was a bare handed fighter like me, But our current situation demand something a bit more slash and smash.

She closed her eyes and concentrated. By Akatosh, Amber armor and axes. Enchanted axes by the look of them. A couple of spell tomes plus bow and arrows fell out of the pack while she was putting on her armor. Forces I had never hoped to draw attention from were clearly at work. I ask Kynareth to bless my hunts, Arkay to guide the souls of the prey I take, and Mara to bless and keep my loved ones like any other guy. This was more attention from on High and Oblivion than I could deal with.

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We went down the tunnel to the left. Other than a few skeevers it was empty and lead nowhere. We went back to the main chamber and headed to the right. That path was steep and narrow. She muttered that this wasn’t a quest for the chunky something about too many doughnuts.

The tunnels let out in large chamber with many cages. The smell of curdled blood and bile made it hard for me not to gag. We had been spotted by one of the prisoners left alive. A Redgaurd, he pointed to where the hagravens were and used sign language to tell us there were three more trolls. We gingerly made our way to the shadows by the cage.

Antique and Unique jewelry
Antique and Unique jewelry

The Breton tried her hand at her new lockpicking skills. Three picks later the Redgaurd was free. There was no angle to get a good shot at any of our enemies.We had to hope our first attack was a strong one.

I tried to sneak up behind the hagravens but I was seen. SHred HacK The beast caught me with her talons. The Breton aimed Wabbajack and caught me square in the back. I don’t remember much but wanting to hop and eat carrots. The Redgaurd rushed the Hagraven. He grappled her and pushed her into a wall. The Breton used frostbite to keep her against the wall while the Redgaurd retrieved his scimitars. The hagravens had stored the weapons and belongings of their victims haphazardly in a barrel. The Redgaurd advanced while the second Hagraven closed in from behind. The Redgaurd turned one scimitar and skewered it through the middle and stuck the other Hagraven to the wall. He pulled his blade out of the second Hagraven and it backed off shrieking. Cut SLiCe Breton whetted her new axes enchanted with Firey soul trap and lightning. The Redgaurd turned to face the second Hagraven.

I transformed back to myself. I readied my flame spell and started roasting the trolls. These trolls had been made resistant to fire. Their fur had red patches. I swiftly changed tactics. I had enough Magicka left to throw an ice spike. That was working. The Breton used her axe to split the hagravens face in half,one down. The Redgaurd was hacking away at the other one. The trolls were closing in on me. The Breton got Wabbajack ready PoOf bandit. This made defense a lot easier for a short time. BloCk BaSh sLaSH I got a good strike that disabled the beast right arm. He used his left to cut me deep. The Breton used healing hands. She was getting the hang of team combat. I sprung to my feet and struck the troll with a few quick blows. The Breton took a Magicka potion and used her restoration spell on the Redgaurd. That was all he needed to get his last two strikes on the Hagraven.

The Redgaurd thrust his scimitars through the next troll. The troll oozed acid. The Redgaurd leapt back. It crumpled in a pile at this feet and he moved to help me out. The Breton started looting just like Dre’abba taught her. He was going to be so proud when we came back to camp.

We took care of the the troll I was fighting and took a deep breath. We heard a snarl. There stood the Gristleback. It’s eyes were red,the fur was a bluish tint,and it stood two heads taller than a normal troll. It was ripped with muscles, had spines down the ridges of its back and pustules that were leaking poison.

“Yeah, that thing is all kinds of wrong.” The Redgaurd said. He had managed to snag his belongings out of the barrel and gear up before the Gristleback descended on us. I felt a surge go through my body. I knew this feeling was a blessing of Kynareth. The Breton cast courage on the Redgaurd, and Oakflesh on herself once more.

I started out with flames, it was working but the Gristleback’s response was squirting poison out of a pustule. The poison caught the Redgaurd in the face and took him down to a knee. The Breton started healing him. He saw an opening and swung his blades catching the Gristlebacks sides. The Breton kept back and drew her bow. SwOosh Thwack a bone arrow in the shoulder, her next shot missed. The Gristleback was still focused on us. I bashed with my shield, the Redgaurd delivered a flurry of blows with his scimitars, The Breton kept shooting her bow. The Gristleback knocked us to the ground and began to maul us. The Breton put an arrow in the side of its neck which made it turn. We scrambled away and took our final potions. The Breton held fast with cover fire as it rushed toward her. She missed more shots than she landed. Axes came out HAck SLasH It stumbled then shot poison. She was weaving. She braced herself on the alchemy lab. The Gristleback got ahold of her and began to crush her. He bit into her neck and shoulder she yelled,kicked and started biting back. We flanked the beast stabbing from both sides. This made him drop her. She was severely wounded. She had just enough presence of mind to heal all she could. She came at it with axes from the front and we kept wailing on it from the sides. We were on the edge of death and it hadn’t seemed to break a sweat. The Breton stood up on the alchemy lab and started kicking it in the face. I kept to my sword and shield. The Redgaurd was fast and graceful with his duel blades. We were in serious trouble. The Breton took a deep breath and cast sparks. I copied with frostbite the Redgaurd hit it with flames. It was wearing out. We were out of Magicka and had used all our potions.

The Breton decided if she was going to die right then and there she was going to do it on her own terms like the Bard she was born to be. She began stomping her feet in a rythemic drum beat. I picked it up with my sword and shield. The Redgaurd began stomping the pattern it seemed to energize him. She sang this battle anthem that would make Talos himself join us song.

“Buddy, you’re a boy, make a big noise
Playing in the street, gonna be a big man someday
You got mud on your face, you big disgrace
Kicking your can all over the place, singin…

The cave erupted with sound and fury that came from nowhere. This disoriented the Gristleback and made him run to the back of the chamber near the final tunnel that must have been his pen. The Breton yelled “For Freddy Mercury.” We followed suit, letting the sound of other worldly music flow through us. It sounded as if someone had struck a lute with lightening,yet continued to play. We charged to meet our final glory. The Gristleback made its attack. We were all flung across the cave and we were down. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a flame atronach float by. The last tunnel must have had a secondary entrance. The four senior members of A.S.S were defending us.

We will have to pick this up tomorrow dear reader. A giant is trying to steal my cow. Vladimar needs back up.

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