Sheograth and the Breton-Part four

The boy was badly wounded and starved

I started using restoration Magic’s right away. The Breton looked shocked. I explained to her that there were more races other than human on nirn. Seeing it with her own eyes was a bit jarring I bet. She thought I was an imaginary monster from stories told to her in her childhood that gave her nightmares. It took awhile for her to believe I was real and not a drunken dream. I had finished with all the healing that I could do. She began spoon feeding the Kahjiit boy milk. His face was white with orange stripes beneath his eyes that curled up to his tawny brown ears. His chubby cheeks had small dots of orange. The dots ran down the sides of his neck. “Dre’abba wants more milk nice lady.” The boy finally said when the shock wore off. She pulled a cup with a lid, a spout,and two handles on each side out of her pack and filled it with milk. She screwed the lid on tight and gave it to the boy. What wonders these people from this other world come up with to solve simple problems I thought. A sippy cup she told me later. The cub grinned from ear to ear at the strange cup and drank his milk down greedily. It had been nearly a month since this child went missing.

I started cooking the rabbit Ranger had caught. “How did you come to be here little cub?” I asked in a soft tone.

“Kahjiit was grabbed,put in a sack by bad dark elf. he put me in cage to sell. Many cubs in cage. Hatchlings in cage. Big people in cage. Wood elf in cage,she use bad words tells dark elf to go suck a horker🤬” “I would have told him that too if he put me in a cage.” The Breton cut the child off before he finished his sentence.

Slavery was outlawed in Morrowind by the end of the third era. House Telvanni never got over that. Rumors have been whispered that the underground slave trade was around, but no one believed those tavern tales.

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The rabbit was done and I gave the first piece to the boy. The child inhaled it. He couldn’t have been more than four. How many children have these rotten fetchers snatched? “How did you escape from the cage little cub?” I asked giving him more rabbit and some bread. “If Kahjiit has one lockpick, no cage hold Kahjiit.” He started laughing. He said this as if someone had asked if water was wet. Weren’t we silly for not knowing this like we know the stars shine at night. “Big Orc in cage, Dark elf make Orc sleep. Try to move Orc. Orc not sleeping. Orc make havock. Dre’abba go.” This was a smart little Khajiit. “How did you get injured?” the Breton asked. “Strange really big troll. Almost die you find.” The nest of hagravens couldn’t be far. The boy was too injured to have crawled a great distance. “Can you teach me to pick a lock?” The Breton asked the boy. “No lockpick,no lock.” She pulled lockpicks and several locks out of her bag. We all practiced picking locks and sneaking for the afternoon as the swamp pig roasted in the ground. It would be ready by time we dealt with Kynareth’s task. If we made it back alive.

Antique and Unique jewelry
Antique and Unique jewelry

We set up a perimeter alarm made of bones along the edges of the camp. I did my best to explain the natural facts of Magicka to the Breton, but I am no mage. I do have a rudimentary grasp of magic. My twin siblings work in the priesthood. My other brother is an alchemist. All hunters guild students who are able learn magic are taught practical spells by a crazy old Nord named Hjorg Wild-Stag. He was a member of the college of winterhold. He met an Argonian maid named Tilla-fay and fell head over heels in love. They married and decided to make their life in Black Marsh. 

The Breton seemed to instinctively know some of the principles I was explaining. She called some of it applied science, and other points theoretical. She already knew Oakflesh. She accepted that the rules of what it was possible to manifest in the physical world were a bit more open here. The way Sheograth and his brother enchanted her backpack was proof enough. She was happy magic was really real here. It was as spiritual practice not fully believed in by most adults in her world. She said that made her extremely sad. She told me a tale about a folk hero named Henry Ford and he said “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” Imagination gives humans their ability to thrive and adapt. Faith taps into a pure energy that allows us to endure the worst and call forth miracles no matter what name you call it by. She digressed before she launched into a rant about how faith is a separate entity from organized religion. “We have no time for that.” She was looking at a beautiful round silver disc on a chain when she was speaking. The face of the bobble was glass,and had three arrows pointing to numbers. One arrow was constantly moving. I didn’t ask. I was in deep enough with daedric princes, a Goddess and a kidnapped child. If someone were telling me this story in a tavern, I would tell them to lay off the Skooma.

I told her about the Arcane Studies Society and how she appeared to have enough basic aptitude to apply for a novice membership if she was interested. A.S.S was the first thing she understood. A half hour later when she could manage to quit laughing, We set Ranger to guard Dre’abba and their hiding place and set off to face the hagravens.

Antique and Unique jewelry
Antique and Unique jewelry

The nest of hagravens was less than one hundred yards away.

The stench was awful even from this distance. We crept into the cave minding our footsteps. The floor of the passage was thick with blisterwort. Around the first bend we saw one. The Breton whispered “She looks like I feel most days. Sounds like me too.” What ailments did this woman suffer from if she wheezed like a Hagraven? She whispered “Don’t start smoking it’s bad for you.” I took a deep breath and drew my bow. If I could kill this filth in one shot our chances would be much improved. WHOosh Thwack

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The arrow caught her in the cheek below the eye. It took a chunk out of her but didn’t take her down. I loosed two more shots. TWaang THUD TWaang THUD one in the thigh and one right through the middle. We were doing fine so far. The Breton capered to the side just like Dre’abba had shown her. She aimed Wabbajack! Fire and lightening that was good luck. I raised my shield and advanced. The Hagraven spotted the Breton and let loose a gout of fire. She dodged and threw up a ward. This distraction gave me an opening to strike. SlIce SLasH BaSH That was enough to knock her prone. The Breton used Wabbajack again. She was transformed into a wheel of cheese.🧀 I cut the cheese.🧀 She transformed back and died from the final strike.

We hid and explored the chamber. Potions, herbs, gold,Hagraven feathers, daggers not a bad start. We heard the roar of a troll coming from a tunnel to the left. We decided to get the jump on it. Bad idea two trolls. SLasH SlaSh Block The first troll knocked me back a bit. When the torchlight caught it,the fur appeared to be a yellowish color. It did not seem to have any special abilities. Wabbajack the troll turned into a wolf. More good luck. BloCk Stab Kick the first troll went down. The second was harassing the Breton. She was running, smart move. You want to keep your distance from that reach they have. Oakflesh Wabbajack Sabercat, she started bashing it on the head. It backed up and prepared to pounce. I took a deep breath,drew my bow. SWish Pop The arrow struck him in the ear. He turned, the Breton readied her daggers. She poisoned them. STAB STAB the Sabercat roared and turned back into a troll. He was headed my way. I used a flame spell. Out of Magicka, potion. BloCk BloCk I was getting tired. I turned and ran to slug a few potions. She took this opportunity to use a potion and reach in her pack. She drew out a Flaming warhammer. Smash Crack the troll was nearly done,but It took the wind out of her to wield the heavy weapon. I gave her a signal for the stamina potion. I lunged at the troll, SwoOsh off came it’s head. We sat down a ways off from the body to compose ourselves before we moved further into the nest.

I fell asleep at my table in Windstad manor. There is ink on my face. Onmund has drawn a rude drawing of a phallus on a piece of paper laid by my head. It reads Yum Yum Bandit C🤬m. Fetching wizards.

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