Walking sticks &Whistles

I have spoken about the importance of a walking stick while traveling in Black Marsh.
Why is this walking stick so crucial?
You will be tromping around in a big mucky swamp,you nitwit! One never knows if the ground beneath your feet is solid. The terrain changes with the weather, the seasons and new construction. A life long resident of Black Marsh knows better than to leave home without a walking stick. How much more cautious must a newcomer be?

The walking stick is a very personal possession. Every Argonian carves a walking stick a head taller than themselves. A child’s father traditionally carves a hatchlings first walking stick. The whole village instructs the children in its use. Children are taught how to use it for leverage, pole vaulting, Help hauling home a catch, staff combat and mann more practical task.The design includes a family crest, a totem animal, a village mark, and the symbol of a preferred deity. The choice of wood or vine it is made from has lead to spirited debates. This topic has caused a few long standing rivalries between families and factions. Argonian folk lore is peppered with tales in which the choice of materials used in the construction of awalking stick was the cause of a rift.

The foot of the stick is blunt. A personal seal is on the bottom so a trail can be left. The stick also doubles as an effective weapon. The frailest looking Argonian granny could thrash a rough bandit with little effort. Other places in Tamriel may mock our staff combat as primitive and weak. If you try to bully an Argonian, then see them pick up a stick;Run for the hills or you will be sorry.

Those who have magical abilities get a wizards staff aligned with their school of magic.

All walking sticks have a little magic woven into them regardless of whether the owner is a mage. Candle light or night eye, fortify carry weight, and clairvoyance or detect life are the standard enchantments.

Thank you for your help brave adventurer ❤️
Maggie was not a 🍼milk-drinker🍼

Soul gems are in high demand here. It is a good thing we have mines to provide them. All of them are deep underwater. The empire, or enemy forces would have laid claim to them. We do love and value the empire, but know we should only trust them so far. No one is immune to using power to satisfy their greed. 

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The whistle is the second most important tool one needs to carry. It is more of a reed flute than a whistle. It has extra holes on the side that make no sound people can hear. They call and command our dogs. We learn to sound signals and warnings that can be heard for miles. The whistle is also used to make animal calls. There is certain prey that lies underwater. The sound of the whistle changes when submerged.

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Drawing slaughterfish toward land helps clear a channel for safe swimming and makes them easier to catch for supper. We can use them to make music, but only do so on long term lonely hunts. Flute battles can be a fun pastime and let people know hunters are well when they are long from home.
The sound of the bard’s flute comforts me as I am far from home. I am deep in flagon of ale. Shortly I hope to dream of skipping rocks across clear blue waters of Purescale bay with my siblings.

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