What was in my Easter Basket

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The Easter Bunny got me this tablet at wish.com . I’m thrilled to have a screen I can see to work on punchingmudcrabs.Com . The Easter Bunny told me to give those mudcrabs hell for Maggie,and to remember Jesus on this special day. I asked him which one because I know 5 different dudes named Jesus. That’s when the fat furry f*@! bitch slapped me,yelled BLASPHEMER,told me I was going to 😈Burn in hell;Then took a 💩on my steps. I have never heard it said you have to be good for the Easter Bunny to bring you a basket full of stuff that rots your teeth. That fat furry assh@le and the tooth fairy got quite a racket worked out. That damn elf on the shelf is a snitch and we all know what happens to snitches. That elf should at least get a swirly or something. Santa isn’t fooling anyone everyone knows Cheech & Chong packed his pipe. Why do you think he can eat all those cookies and fly around the world in one night. The reindeer are Mrs.Clause’s idea. They make sure he gets home okay. He only comes once a year because it takes him till Easter to come down from that magical pipe smoke.

I hope everyone is having a pleasant day with their families.

I’m here with my peeps🐣🐤🐥

Thank you for your help brave adventurer ❤️
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