Learning Curve 2

Uphill climb for someone already over it.
Thank you for your help brave adventurer ❤️
Maggie was not a🍼 milk-drinker🍼
Antique and Unique jewelry
Antique and Unique Jewelry

I was tickled pink when I turned the tablet on,and it was totally EMPTY.
no pre-installed crap wasting half of the storage eating all the memory running in the background for stupid reasons.
One of the reasons I was so resistant to getting a smartphone or tablet is the lack of choice. You are stuck with whatever over bloated garbage the manufacturer and service provider think you should have. They won’t let you get rid of it either. They make sure there is no room to have what apps you want. It royally pisses me off that they have been allowed to get away with it. I don’t understand why people accept this lack of control over a device they paid for. Other than essential systems you should be able to gut all that garbage and use what YOU like.
I finally have some freedom with this tablet. I got my Opera mini now I’m off to the races. For all the utilitarian type apps this wonderful cheap knock off won’t run;I found plenty that are better and smaller than the big names.
Text Editor is just that. It has all the features I wanted. Tubi has some good stuff to watch.
Amazon Prime runs just fine. File Manager by Xiaomi.inc is just what the Danica Pure-Spring ordered .It has built in zip tool and you can set up FTP.
All these apps I’ve mentioned are lean on space.
The MediaTek website has no product information at all. t906 brings up a whole lot of nothing. I’m running Android 9.0 Pie. There shouldn’t be a lot of conflicts with apps. There are pluses and minuses,but overall I’m satisfied with it.
This tablet came preloaded with a real FM radio receiver that will record off the radio. If you are a child of the 80’s you know why that is a thrill.
It also came with male and female to micro USB adapters to use with portable storage. My older Kodak c713 digital camera,which still does better than most phone and tablet cameras;Can be used again. The front camera in this is 💩.The back one is decent. I haven’t tried to make a video yet. I’ve never been into that. The Dark Brotherhood doesn’t like any proof floating around any way.
I can accompish the bulk of what I want to do between the phone and tablet. I have plenty of cloud and external storage. My card capacity isn’t to shabby.

Antique and Unique jewelry
TrueDuckEmporium Mercari store.

I told you about the tablet the Easter Bunny brought me.
It’s great that some things, in terrible at others.
The large screen is great. I couldn’t ask for a nicer keyboard to type with.
It has more than enough RAM, and more than enough room.
The downside is it is not compatible what’s the most common of apps. It won’t do Netflix or Hulu. It does not like Google Docs. It is not compatible with OneDrive. This would piss me off,but I didn’t buy the tablet for those things. I bought it to work on punchingmudcrabs.com not go blind in the process.
this tablet will handle nearly any game I throw at it. Usually I can never run a game,no matter how carefully I research a phone before I chose one.

Antique and Unique jewelry
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I’m going to keep exploring and see what new tricks an old hag can learn.

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