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It has been a long time since I made a website. I’m used to having a real computer. A computer I built myself, with the power of 10 monster trucks. The power to code, the power to game, the power to process amazing video.

 Laptops and touch screen devices are a royal pain. They are flimsy and disposable.I don’t want something that breaks like glass. I am poor and I am frugal. If there are any bare bones kits to build one from scratch by yourself please let me know.

I am used to having full control over my website. There are many things that I just can’t do with a smartphone.

Thank you for your help brave adventurer ❤️
Maggie was not a 🍼 milk-drinker 🍼

My main complaint is it takes forever to get anything done and if I hit the wrong button it’s all gone. If someone texts or calls, there goes an hour’s worth of work.

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The device tries to be helpful with suggestions and replacements but it causes as many problems as it solves. Gboard gets a thumbs up 👍. I can change the color to something I can see. 

If I am lonely I can use the microphone to tell Google Docs a bullshit story and entertain myself for hours.

Antique and Unique jewelry
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White or black are the only choices for the inside screen of most apps and websites. I’m not a fan.

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Windows 10 took away all my display options.I need to set my inside window to a pastel color so I can work. I need  Fonts I can see. Windows 10 reset everything behind my back the minute I got everything the way I needed it. Windows can burn in 👹HELL👹

Antique and Unique jewelry
TrueDuckEmporium Mercari store.

I had to retire and move to Skyrim because I couldn’t do my job anymore. Not I that I was getting rich ,I would do most jobs for coffee and cigarettes.The geek squad can burn in 👹 HELL👹 for charging 200$ for routine maintenance.

I quit using computers and shut off the internet.

I got really behind. I have had real trouble adapting to the new way of doing things. It really screwed me and the people who needed me most. I hope whoever thought it was a good idea to take away user control and choice gets a raging case of the clap.👏

If I ever have the money to get another machine I’m seriously considering switching to Linux completely. Oh yeah, 🍎= overpriced🐕💩.

Don’t get me started on what Rip off artist ISPs have become. The lies they tell about why they impose data limits are criminal. 8 bits equal a byte in any universe assholes. All I have is my cellphone internet, it cost as much as DSL or Cable for the home. I couldn’t afford both.

Here are my search results for

Why data caps are bullshit

Check out this article on Vice. These major companies think they are bullshit too.

Android is pretty cool.I don’t have a lot of complaints. My elderly relatives can use it without issue for the most part. I never thought I’d see my mother enjoy a tablet or any type of computerized device. Google play would go under without her. She likes some game and drops decent bank on Google play cards. Dollar general would go bankrupt if they didn’t sell them. I never imagined her being an internet user. We can mark that in the win column.

Antique and Unique jewelry

I’m sure some of you out there have a grandmother that refuses to let go of old technologies in favor of something new. “There’s nothing wrong with the old one.” You will hear them say. “I won’t have one of those in my house!”  they yell frothing at the mouth.

That is me with smartphones and tablets. They are not friendly to people with bifocals, no matter how large you set the text. People with arthritis in their hands have big trouble with these devices.This is a BIG Mistake on the part of the manufacturer. Granny’s love to shop online. They are impulse buyers. Google’s microphone thing helps with many of these problems. I’m glad to see the accessibility projects I volunteered on way back in the day produced something helpful.

I refused to get a cell phone until it was absolutely necessary. I hated the things. I still feel like they are an electronic leash, a nasty shock collar around your neck. Pavlovian conditioning at the core. My first  smartphone was a gift. I would have never bought one for myself. I refer to them as douchebag phones. I think these devices are a tool; not an extension of my being.

 I used to go out to a quiet wooded areas to be left the hell alone for 10 minutes. If someone wanted to contact me they could leave a damn message on my machine. It kept my nerves level.

Since the age of the smartphone people panic if you don’t answer them right away. I have no peace and the state of my health reflects that. Even if I don’t hear from anyone for a month, which suits me fine. The damn thing is sitting there taunting me. It will wait till I fall asleep 😴 in my chair,then damn near give me a heart attack making some startling noise! If I get up and walk away from it the thing throws a fit like the world is on fire.🔥

All my happy places and safe spaces in the real world are gone.I wouldn’t have the energy or money to go anyway. I have been doing better recently or I wouldn’t be writing anything.

I compare smartphones to a baby with the colic that won’t stop f****** crying. This baby however never gets over the colic.

If you put your phone on do not disturb to do other things can people completely lose their s*** when you don’t answer them.No matter how many notifications you turn off the damn thing still constantly cries at you. 

So and so farted in your general direction!

Such-and-such ate a piece of toast!

How toast works

Not everything is urgent or noteworthy! This Website is proof of that.

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Millennials ❤️ I love you guys.❤️

 I think you’ve got a lot of great qualities the other generations lack. You are creative,inclusive, open hearted without being too naive,and have hope for the future despite all evidence the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

The state of current events being as they are; you need those qualities. I’m pretty sure I saw an Oblivion gate open in my front yard. Azura gave me the finger.🖕That can’t be a good sign.😳

👵You’ll be old someday.👴

How will technology serve people dealing with the indignities of aging in the future? 🧓Not my problem, that mystery is for you to solve. Stop fighting with the baby boomers. They were at the forefront of legalizing weed. They invented the damn internet… because they were smoking weed. Generation X built it into a convenient way to share porn and made home pages for their cats 🐈. You guys figured out it was good for other stuff too. 

Now get together invent technologies and products to make this old hags life easier before I am called home to Sovngarde.

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