Black Marsh: Rootfalls

We are a province of swamps, rivers, lakes and beautiful waterfalls. You need to buy a Dowsers charm for 5 gold if you intend to enjoy the water. Cursed ponds and waterborne illnesses are a bit of a bother. The charm lights up tainted waters the same way a detect life spell reveals creatures. There are potions a novice alchemist can make to ward off the effects for a short time. The alchemist shop at the market sells them as well. We have a couple more items you should not be without. Bug repellent salve, River spider silk rope, and I will say it for the hundredth  time.

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Rootfalls Markets

Our markets are bustling with people from all over Tamriel and  trade goods you will find nowhere else. The plazas are very colorful which lifts the mood of the misty moors. You should come to see the silks alone. We have cobblers that specialize in water walking boots. Those will keep you out of a boat load of trouble around here. A backpack with a water breathing enchantment is a must have if you are not Argonian or a wizard. The markets are home to lively show men who make an honest living taking folk on tours of beautiful caverns, ruins, and natural wonders around the county that are only accessible by underwater entrances. Kynareth’s cavern temple and Mara’s tears temple are life transforming sight. When you approach the area where the temples are you will see tall bouys topped by the gods symbol with decorated rope banners strung between them. 


We have a decent amount of farm land in the central area. Farmers raise tan Longhorn sheep, chickens, ducks and geese.  We have a few producers of beef and cow 🐄milk. Swampy areas aren’t so great for cows so our cheeses can be a bit on the pricey side. 

Grains from drier climates don’t do real well either. We raise those in green houses to an extent. We raise native grains like marsh wheat and rye. 

If you have never tried a marsh melon you are missing out. Bullo lettuce, Autumn pepper nuts, and Black Marsh sweet onion are but a few of the must try foods while you’re here. 

A few years ago the gourmet threw a fit when we had a bad harvest that caused an onion shortage. They were a crucial ingredient in a recipe the emperor requested often. Argonians don’t get a lot of attention from the empire and that is how we like it. This new found liking for Argonian vegetables made the empire lower tariffs on exports and send more funding for roads,Farmers, and culinary schools at the gourmet’s request.

We had true voice in the imperial court for the first time in ages. 

That made the east empire company more than a little nervous. They are not used to competition.

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Bird Dogs, Fishing 🎣 and Family

 We train the best bird dogs in Tamriel and That is no boast. My father, Teeraff is the best dog trainer and breeder for 500 miles. One of the fondest memories of my childhood is of going to the Greenglade county bird dog & sportsman competition during the last week of summer.

 My father brought home many prizes. My mother won a blue ribbon for her Red plum honey Jelly five years in a row. My elder sister Vee-ree became famous for weaving there. River spider silk and Tan Longhorn sheep’s wool are rarely seen outside of Black Marsh. If you have seen these sought after trade goods in your travels my sister probably made them.  

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My brother Vah-roe is an alchemist of some renowned. My brother Lun-shua was born under the sign of the shadow. It is not true that the shadow scales are no more. The rumor that they are still active will be soundly denied by those who value their skin. I mean that literally. Shout from the rooftop shadow scales live they will skin you and nail your hide to the town gates.

It is an open secret like many things in Black Marsh. 

Little sister Jumps-The-Fens is a fisherman. Little Brother Hears-The-Hist works for the empire processing imports & exports. The twins female Foya-daza & male Fera-duna are priest of Arkay & Kynareth.

The fishing is great in and around Rootfalls and Purescale bay. The Giant white fish are the draw for visitors. Slaughterfish get bigger here than in other provinces. There are so many freshwater fish we eat and use for other things I can’t name them all. Take a trip to Rootfalls and give my sister Jumps-The-Fens two gold on the weekend and she can show them to you in her glass bottom boat ⛵.  

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Village life

The village of Rootfalls is a little bigger than Whiterun, but not considered a city. we have more landmass, but obstacles common to a marsh make it a village. Many homes are not visible above water. There are more people living there than one would think. Some argonians live and work solely under water.

If you give the right child a coin they will direct you to the hidden shops. Be wary they do not like land striders. Many orphans make a living as Porter’s for these shops. Give them two coins for their trouble, a shopping list,plus your payment for the order,and they will go fetch it for you. Only give coin to the kids wearing white tunic with blue trim and an embroidery of bubbles floating above a house on the front and back. The rest are little con artists.

The underwater shop keeps love of coin allows them to set aside their prejudice for non-argonians as long as they don’t have to look at your tourist faces. The children are seen by waterways with stacks of flyers for the shops they represent.

Rootfalls town guards and legion soldiers alike patrol heavily to keep the kids from getting robbed or abducted. If you have a brain in your head you won’t mess with these kids. The guard and the legionnaires are looking for signs of talent so they can recruit. The temple clergy are never far. They keep a watchful eye. Porter jobs are reserved for orphans 8 to 18. When they age out they will have earned a name for themselves as good workers and have no trouble in securing apprenticeships and other employment.

Where do Rootfalls tourist go to relax? The hot springs, The Old root tavern, and the slippery falls pool. That is the short list. I hear some fool trying to steal my unicorn.

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