Black Marsh Dangers

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River Spiders

River spiders hide in nest by shallow water where the roots are thick. Root caves are everywhere as well as quick sand in more marshy areas. River spiders are clever and opportunistic hunters they will use the terrain to their advantage. They have been known to rescue poor souls from quicksand to hold captive for a meal later.

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The webs they spin are very fine and can look like reflections on the water. They are venomous,but their silk is coveted by weavers, net and rope makers. River spider silk thread is a profitable export. There is no better thread for tent making. Traveling merchants will pay handsomely to keep their caravans in good order. The glue made from the river spiders’ web glands is used to coat a shelter to stand up to the harshest weather. Wizards use it in spaces where they perform experiments. It seems to be decently magic resistant. 

Giant porcupines

When you catch a glimpse of these rare and shy creatures it’s already too late. They will shoot you full of shocking quills and put you flat on your back before you notice you’re too close. They are not by nature hostile, just easily startled. They prefer to hide and retreat.

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The quills are sought after by alchemist. They will get plenty of them for their trouble if they survive the encounter

Swamp Pigs

These delicious fat fiends live in and near quickmud. They look like a domestic pig and have tusk of a boar. They spend a lot of time sleeping. They are nocturnal and highly aggressive. They might look cute but they are very strong. They will charge you. Use evasive tactics if you want to walk for the rest of your life. This yummy bacon on hooves is one of the most dangerous hunts and you must never try to do it alone. Swamp pigs hunt and defend in packs. They are as smart as any wolf


The terrain in Blackmarsh can be as much of an enemy as bandits or predators. We argonians say “May the around beneath your feet be always soft.” to bid folks a safe journey. Check the trees and rocks for hunter signs. Avoid getting caught in a trap. Other signs will point you to safe shelter and supplies. We don’t mind if you need them; just remember it is bad manners to not refill an empty one with something whenever you can. If you don’t take a walking stick you are going to step in quicksand, quickmud, or strangling vines of a carnivorous plant There is the possibility you will fall into a sinkhole and never be seen again. 

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 Rootfalls is riddled with underground caves. Sinkholes have end the life of many foolish adventurer and stubborn scaly rumped cheapskate who tries to hunt and gather by themselves rather than pay a fair coin at the market for hunters guild goods.

The lucky blighters who survive such a fall often find rare mushrooms, plants, ore and gemstone deposits and ancient treasure caches one could use to take early retirement. Provided they can carry any of it, and find a way out. The denizens who live their may object. If you find anything dwelling there that is living,it is a good sign there is a way out somewhere.


Bugs man, swarming,buzzing,biting, stinging- Asshole bugs. That will have to wait for another day. A bottle of wine and a warm bed sing to me.

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