Meet Glen:


Glen-Puncher-of-Mudcrabs is not a 🍼 milk-drinker 🍼

I write my journal because I find myself far from my small village in Black Marsh. I don’t know if I will make it back. If harm befalls me please return this journal and my mudcrab amulet to my mother, Sings-to-the-blossoms in Rootfalls.

My amulet is a symbol that I am full member in good standing of the Black Marsh hunters guild. I will be given a Blackmarsh hunters funeral ceremony by the temple of Kynareth even if my body cannot be recovered. This token will call my spirit home.
You may have whatever other things I have on my corpse with my blessing. May you find something to serve you well on your adventures.

I am a hunter by trade. Black Marsh hunters don’t have the need for bows as much, but we can use them.

 We eat lots of mudcrab,clams, oysters and fresh water fish. Small game and waterfowl are plentiful. 

Black Marsh has unique dangers the hunter should be wary of; we also have some prey you won’t see anywhere else in Tamriel. Do not wander off without a walking stick, I advise visitors to hire a guide for the love Mara. There are reasons why we have a hunters guild.