I have a blog


I have always wanted a blog.

I never wrote one because I felt like my voice would be drown out among all the misinformation, ranting and crusading. 

Thank you for your help brave adventurer ❤️
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I wasn’t bothered by the trolls. There have always been trolls. I decided that serious journalism was a lost cause in a sea of fake news.

My life has been going down hill since 2000. I’m not talking about a gentle roll into a comfortable rut like most people my age. I was booted off a mountain with jagged cliffs hitting every sharp rock until I splashed into an ocean of shit that is modern life with no shore in sight.

I hate what the world has become, and I can no longer deal with the buckets of crazy, toxic anger and radioactive levels of assholery that I encounter on a daily basis.

Many people retire and move to Florida when they are ready to pack it in. 

Thank you for your help brave adventurer ❤️
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I retired and moved to


Welcome to

A journal of my characters’ adventures in Skyrim

I write this from my toilet paper raft upon the raging ocean of shit; to steel the last shard of my battered soul, and fight to preserve my last fraying thread of sanity. I am vigilantly keeping a swollen black eye on the horizon praying that there is nothing worse on the next place I land.

If you like it, thank you from the bottom of the abyss where my heart used to be. If you don’t; 👹Burn in hell👹This ain’t about you.

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